Lot 27: Art Major – Priscilla Rocks Colt

Lot 27 Art Major - Priscilla Rocks ColtWe have been breeding yearlings at Patrician Park for many years now, but we think that maybe we haven’t turned a colt out like this lad ever or certainly in a long time.

He has everything you like about a male horse – he is kind, he works with you, he has size (14.3 ¼ hands) and he is a “dead ringer” for his father Art Major.

The really good Art Majors nearly always have his stamp on them – strong intelligent heads, powerful necks and front ends and that bay colour with a copper glow. This describes Nashy (short for Nashville) as we have labelled him, to a tee.

Art Major has been a truly remarkable sire since arriving in Australia on his first shuttle in 2005. His first crop raced in 2008/9 and he has now been Australia’s leading sire of two year olds five times.

This boys Mum knew how to find the line as well – there is $115,000 in her bank account to show that – so you need to visit Q row on sale day for an inspection. You won’t be disappointed.
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